Generations of boat building experience have taught that simplicity and seaworthiness are the keys to providing the safest, smoothest ride and the 23 delivers just that. The strong, hand-laid hull is rated for 300 hp and can be powered with single or twin engines.

Safe and secure is the feeling she conveys. A low center of gravity, very full forward and a splash well aft, means no green water in the boat. The reserve buoyancy is really appreciated when the waves are vertical. No more plunging into the trough to spear the next wave. The full bow, along with the 3 piece construction, provides the Albury 23 with a great deal of interior space, more like a 25 footer. To drift an Albury 23 is like “bobbing a cork” vs. a “snap roll”. After all, the true test of seaworthiness is after you cut the power. Mid-range performance, from 20-36 mph is where she is in a class of her own. She is easily driven and pops up on plane. You never have to struggle to see over the bow. The well balanced, variable V hull, allows her to plane at a dowdy 18- 20 mph. Those days of driving your boat back up on plane, only to have her fall off on the next big wave set, are over. When conditions are rough, maintaining a plane in the low to mid 20’s is heaven. Don’t try and steer her, just let her dance her way through the sea naturally. In moderate to good conditions, she provides a soft ride in the low to mid 30’s. Either speed, the fine entry is slicing through the steep stuff while the round bilges aft yield to the impact of the water.

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