Since their inception in 1952, Albury Brothers Boats in Man O¹ War, Abaco, Bahamas, has been building Classic Runabouts and skiffs of various layouts and in various sizes out of wood through the year 1984 when the family transitioned to building hand-laid fiberglass boats. Since that change to fiberglass all of their models have been 20¹, 23¹, and 27¹ center console boats. Over the past 26 years the Albury family has often been asked to build once again a full width windshield, Classic Runabout version by those that love the authentic look of the boat and desire to run the boat primarily in a seated position as opposed to standing behind a center console.

Finally, for the first time in a quarter of a century ­ now available to purchase!

Built on the highly regarded, exceptionally seaworthy 23¹ Albury Brothers hull design, the Classic Runabout features a short foredeck, followed by a full beam aluminum framed windshield, split seating, two side consoles, followed by more seating. The Classic Runabout can be built with the helm either immediately aft of the windshield OR aft of the starboard side console based upon buyers preference. Further aft will be optional stern seating, or any number of other components, chosen to fit the cruising/diving/fishing desires of the owner.