Our legendary ride keeps getting better with this Willard Albury handcrafted hull.  Similar to the 23 ride, your just going around 10 mph faster.  She tops out at 53mph with a pair of 250's while still being able to hold a plane at 17mph.  For those throttle jockeys, who have struggled with staying on plane when it's snotty out, our hulls effortlessly dance their way through.  The 27's stability at rest is hard to describe...no rolling, no chine slapping, like jumping on a concrete floor.

She is a big 27, her interior volume compares favorably with boats 3 and 4 feet larger.  You'll love the proportions, easy to walk around, easy to see over the console, lots of cockpit space, roomy head area, ergonomic forward seats.  The transom is so very functional for swimming, fishing and diving, folks appreciate it more
after using her.

Modifications for 2014 include a new console, mounted further aft, with built in cooler, live well incorporated in the aft bulkhead and new pleasing transom shape.

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